While some enjoy spending hours in the kitchen, others prefer to cook a quick dinner and get on with their day. Regardless of your approach, everyone may benefit from a few culinary tips to make their time in the kitchen more effective and pleasurable.

However, it's crucial to remember that shortcuts don't necessarily produce superior results. While it may be tempting to rush through a dish, taking the time to properly prepare and cook the ingredients can make a significant impact.

With that in mind, I've produced a list of 19 cooking tips that promote efficiency without compromising quality. These suggestions can help you save time, avoid waste, and simplify the cooking procedure, allowing you to spend more time savoring the fruits.

You'll be shocked at some of the time-saving shortcuts we know how to use in the kitchen. Everyone enjoys a good shortcut. Our recipe collection will teach you how to cut costs without sacrificing flavour, whether it's through inventive cooking methods, newly discovered ingredients, or just using your kitchen set in a different way.

Crispy, sticky chicken wings:

Crispy, sticky chicken wings:

These lovely chicken wings look like they were deep-fried, don't they? False! Adding half a teaspoon of baking soda to the dry rub is a nice approach here. When roasted in the oven, it gives the wings a very crispy texture. They are covered in a sticky, sweet-and-sour glaze halfway through cooking. One more excellent piece of advice? Transfer them to a cool oven. They crisp up because the fat renders out as the oven heats up.


Lasagna's pork ragù requires gradual, extended cooking. However, by using a food processor to chop the carrots, celery, and onion, you can drastically reduce the amount of time needed for preparation. This is a really helpful idea for casseroles and soups that call for a large amount of finely chopped vegetables. Simply make sure you use the pulse button to avoid turning the mixture into a purée.

Easy pizza:

This pizza only needs ten minutes to rise. No more waiting around for the dough to double in size—it only requires fast-acting, easy-blend yeast. By combining the dough in a food processor, which will perform the kneading for you, you may really expedite this recipe even further. It tastes better and is quicker than takeout.

Black bean and chipotle soup:

Black bean and chipotle soup:

Making your own chipotle paste requires some work because it calls for adding smoked chiles, onion, garlic, vinegar, sugar, spices, herbs, and tomato purée. However, all it takes to get the same deliciously smoky flavour in this recipe is a jar of chipotle paste. Warm, easy soup full of black beans, which are incredibly nutritious. Additionally, you'll adore the texture contrast of the smashed avocado, sour cream, and tortilla chips.

Thai red pepper soup:

The clever use of a can of coconut milk, store-bought Thai curry paste, and a jar of roasted peppers makes this soup come together quickly. This is a terrific time-saving method because roasting peppers takes a while because you have to wait for them to cool before peeling them. The creamy texture and flavour of the fresh, subtly spiced food are retained.

Aromatic sticky ribs:

Chinese-style rib marinades typically call for a large number of ingredients, ranging from numerous sauces to various spices. However, all you need to make the marinade for our delicious ribs is a container of barbecue sauce from the store, two cinnamon sticks, and three-star anise. It will take far less time and effort to achieve that wonderful flavour.

Tomato galette:

This stunning galette will bring Mediterranean sunshine into your home. Now that store-bought and homemade shortcrust pastry are both available, you won't be able to tell the difference. It's a useful item to keep in your freezer. There is no blind baking or lining of tins because this is also free-form. Delicious combinations of zucchini, cheese, onion, tomatoes, and fresh herbs make up the stuffing.

Quick dan noodles:

In a flash, make your favourite takeaway noodle meal with these simple ingredients. The secret is to use Chinese five-spice powder to crisp up the sausage meat and then create a sauce using chili oil to mimic the flavour and texture of authentic Sichuan peppercorn-spiced pork. Plus, for a quick midweek dinner, use straight-to-wok udon noodles.

Coconut fish curry:

Coconut fish curry:

This hearty fish curry only requires a few simple ingredients to prepare. The use of premade ginger and garlic paste speeds up the preparation even further. They store nicely in the refrigerator and are available in tubes or jars. Say goodbye to chopping garlic and grating fresh ginger; we'll bet these will now be on your shopping list.

Thai-spiced fish cakes:

You don't need to search far and wide for a variety of ingredients to make these flavorful fish cakes. The food processor is used to pulse white fish together with egg, fish sauce, cilantro, chile, and chopped ginger and garlic (you can also use store-bought pastes). They are shaped into patties, floured, and deep-fried. Serve them with a large crunchy salad or on their own as a delicious appetizer paired with sweet chili dipping sauce.

Smoked salmon, dill and mustard tart:

Salmon, wholegrain mustard and dill tartlets recipe

Here, the traditional pairing of smoked salmon, dill, and a dash of French mustard is a winner. This recipe makes six little tartlets and uses store-bought baked shortcrust pastry shells. Alternatively, you could purchase canapé pastry cases to create a sophisticated snack, or you could gladly construct a giant 20cm (8in) tart.


What food we eat in winter season?

How to Stay Healthy This Winter - DIP Foods Homemade Croutons

Mixed greens. Mixed greens in winter?
Root vegetables.
Citrus natural products.
Vitamin D-rich food sources.
Beans. ...
Low-sodium soup.
Entire grains.

What are five winter food?

The most warming vegetables that are great for your body are root vegetables like carrot, potato, onions, garlic, radish, sweet potatoes, yams, beets, turnips, and so on, and good winter greens like palak, methi, sarson, muli, pudina, and so on.