Rugged and secluded, this natural beauty is the fourth largest island in the United States. The Prince of Wales Island in southeast Alaska covers more than 2,230 square miles (3,588 square kilometers) and is a huge environment of old-growth woods, fish-filled streams, and steep mountains. Its 900 miles (1,448 kilometers) of coastline wind through a multitude of coves, islets, and bays popular with kayakers and canoeists.

Most Breathtaking Islands in the United States

Most Breathtaking Islands in the United States

Kodiak Island, Alaska:

Kodiak Island, Alaska, is known as the Emerald Isle due to its magnificent lush environment. It is the second-largest island in the United States, covering 3,670 square miles (9,505 square kilometers) and stretching over 100 miles (161 kilometers) in length. The first Russian colony in Alaska was established among its green mountains and sheltered beaches. One of the most popular activities in the area is watching the gigantic Kodiak bears hunt in the salmon and halibut-rich rivers and streams.

Santa Catalina, California:

Santa Catalina, California:

This postcard-worthy resort is most known for the idyllic Avalon Bay, which perfectly frames its namesake city. Santa Catalina is known for its swaying palm trees, pristine beaches, elegant hotels, and wonderful seafood. The island is great for adventure, with wildlife-rich clean waters perfect for scuba diving and kayaking, as well as rough and varied terrain interwoven with over 165 miles (265 kilometers) of picturesque paths.

Key West, Florida:

Key West is the most well-known island in the Florida Keys, thanks to its rich culture, history, and world-class diving and fishing opportunities. As the state's southernmost point, the island feels like its own little world, with Caribbean-style pastel-hued settlements serving as beautiful bed and breakfasts and incredibly pure waters surrounded by pretty palm-fringed shoreline. The Keys have long been a favorite among writers, with Ernest Hemingway and Tennessee Williams having lived on the island's tin roof cottages. Hemingway's Home & Museum, where the famed author lived for over ten years, has become a popular tourist destination.

Marco Island, Florida:

Florida's southwest coast is dotted with isles that like glittering green gems, but Marco Island is undoubtedly the most stunning. It is the largest of Florida's Ten Thousand Islands, with luxurious resorts, sun-bleached swaths of sand, dolphins playing in the beautiful blue waters, and an irresistible casual slow-paced lifestyle. Visitors can explore the vastness of the Ten Thousand Islands by foot, boat, or air, and there are lots of fishing places and natural attractions to enjoy.

Anna Maria Island, Florida:

Anna Maria Island, Florida:

Anna Maria Island is a seven-mile (11.2-kilometer) stretch of sugar-white sand and crystal-blue waters that resembles a continuous tropical beach. Once a well-kept secret among Floridians, the island's stunning coastline and tropical greenery have become popular destinations for both residents and tourists. Strict laws govern the buildings and companies that can establish here, giving it an old-fashioned feel. Pine Avenue, which runs through the island's resort city of the same name, is one of the most popular tourist destinations. It is lined with restaurants, dessert shops, boutiques, art galleries, and other attractions.

Sanibel, Florida:

Sanibel Island is a shining treasure on Florida's coastline, with sugar-white sand, azure blue waters, and a subtropical climate. The island, nestled along the Gulf of Mexico and near to Florida's mainland, feels like a quiet hideaway, with magnificent sunsets, adorable lighthouses, and opulent resorts. The award-winning beaches are the main lure; the gorgeous sands are ideal for shell collecting, attracting visitors from all over the world.

Cumberland Island, Georgia:

Georgia's largest barrier island is also one of the most beautiful natural areas in the Northern Hemisphere. Wild horses and other species walk freely around Cumberland Island's twisted trees, vast marshes, and magnificent beaches, giving it an untamed atmosphere. Thomas Morrison Carnegie and his wife Lucy arrived to the island in the late nineteenth century and swiftly established their family's presence, leaving behind eerily beautiful ruins that dot the landscape and provide an insight into the island's history.

Big Island, Hawaii:

Big Island, Hawaii:

Hawaii, sometimes known as the Big Island, is the youngest of the state's gorgeous archipelago. It covers 4,028 square miles (10,432 square kilometers) and is about double the size of Hawaii's other islands, making it truly breathtaking. From its huge mountains and verdant valleys to its captivating black sandy beaches and magnificent blue waters, the island is a shining example of Mother Nature's splendour.

Kauai, Hawaii:

Kauai is the oldest of Hawaii's islands and is often recognized as one of the world's most beautiful destinations. The majority of its stunning environment is carpeted in thick forests, unexplored mountain ranges, and lush foliage, earning it the nickname 'Garden Island'. Over 90% of Kauai is inaccessible by car, creating a romantic, unspoiled paradise with some of Hawaii's best hiking routes and vistas. The picturesque routes span from coastal walks to steep gorges, lush jungles, and spectacular alpine views.


What is the prettiest island in the United States?

Hawaii is the primary spot the overwhelming majority of voyagers consider when U.S. islands are referenced. From the blossoming sun above to tropical scopes overflowing with rambling untamed life, the Hawaiian islands are among the world's best places for getting away.

What is the #1 island in us?

This year, the 15 best island's in the U.S. furthermore, their scores, as indicated by the 2023 Condé Nast Explorer Perusers Decision rankings, include: Hilton Head Island, South Carolina: 95.60. Kiawah Island, South Carolina: 95.11. Amelia Island, Florida: 93.76.

What US islands don't require a passport?

What US islands don't require a passport?

U.S. residents needn't bother with a visa to go between the U.S. what's more, these regions:
American Samoa.
District of the Northern Mariana Islands.
Puerto Rico.
U.S. Virgin Islands.

What is the main country a U.S. visa Can't get you into?

The USA identification is perceived by all nations on the planet, and keeping in mind that most of countries acknowledge US travel papers for passage, there are a couple of exemptions and restrictions. A few outside nations that have limitations on holders of US identifications are North Korea, Iran, Syria, Yemen, and Libya

What is the coolest identification on the planet?

The New Zealand identification is certainly one of the world's generally lovely, with a dark foundation that makes a delightful differentiation with the silver representations. Assuming you look nearer, you will see silver greeneries that are viewed as it were